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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Arkansas teacher licensure required to teach in the Arkansas Correctional School? Yes, the ACS is a qualified school district, and as such, all instructional and administrative personnel must be licensed by the Department of Education.

  2. Where are the schools located? Each prison facility has a school inside the security fence. The students are adult felons incarcerated in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

  3. Does the school operate year round? No, the instructors are employed on a 190 day contract like instructors in any other state school district. The school year runs from August through May. The school day consists of six hours of student contact plus preparation time.

  4. Are ACS teachers eligible for teacher retirement and the teacher group health insurance? Yes, ACS employees are able to enroll in the health insurance and contribute to the teacher retirement system.

  5. Are school personnel employees of the Department of Correction? No, ACS employees are paid from funds appropriated by the legislature specifically for ACS operation.

  6. Are there correctional officers in the classrooms? No, Most schools have a correctional officer in the building, but officers are not in the actual classrooms.