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Professional Development
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Professional Development Requirements

Arkansas Department of Education Requirements:

  • The Department of Education requires that all licensed personnel participate in 60 hours of professional development activities each year as part of the requirements for license renewal.
  • The 60-hour professional development requirements must be fulfilled between June 1 and May 31 each year.
  • The ACS will provide 60 hours of professional development during the course of the school year. Six hours will be devoted to educational technology. Teachers will receive two hours in parental involvement and administrators will receive three hours of parental involvement professional development training.
  • Employees who miss professional development sessions provided by the ACS must make the time up to complete the required 60 hours. Professional development obtained from sources other than the ACS must be approved by the superintendent.

Correctional Education Requirements:

  • New employees must receive 40 hours of structured orientation before teaching. This pre-service professional development will include instruction in policies and procedures, mission and goals of the ACS, overview of the corrections field, basic security, emergency plans, and teaching the correctional student.
  • Employees will receive an additional 40 hours of training each year. This means that new employees must receive a total of 80 hours professional development during their first year of employment.